2015-07-12 001 812Freedom is a clothing line conceptualized and produced by Dr. Roz Roach, a self taught creator who believes in expressing a woman’s inner personality through one-of-a-kind pieces tailored uniquely to you.

Born into poverty, Dr. Roz was forced to learn how to sew and design her clothes from the early age of 16,  so she would have something to wear.  From sewing her own wardrobe, she began to develop and nurture her design creativity.

A change maker, woman’s advocate and the first Black woman in Canada to build an emergency crisis centre for survivors of domestic violence, Dr. Roz continues to constantly flow with the unexpected directions her life takes her. She is proud to share her new line with you.

Freedom is made for women who aren’t congested with insecurities, but truly free in every sense. Be proud, be strong and all about the spirit you embody.  From signature pieces to custom made looks that are created with you in mind, Freedom by Dr. Roz is a reflection of your energy, your character, your colours and the occasion. She can’t wait for you to find your Freedom.

Custom Orders

Part of the uniqueness of the Freedom line is that no two custom orders are alike. Each original design is made in consultation with Dr. Roz and will result in something you never could have imagined, but exactly what you would want. Contact us for more details.